At Long Burroughs, we embrace the complex to keep things simple for businesses. Our combined years of insurance experience enable us to get right under the hood of any organisation and tailor a bespoke solution for every client.

Business Insurance

From protecting your tech and equipment, to key people, to supply chains and your premises – guaranteeing business continuity in the event of unavoidable disruption is a smart move. At Long Burroughs, we know that what makes one business tick, is not the same as the next. That’s why we will always take the time to understand the unique risk landscape in which your business operates.

Liability Insurance

Understanding and mitigating your business’s liability risk is one of our key areas of expertise. Today’s organisations operate in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, and we make it our business to understand sector nuances, consistently monitoring changing legislation and court rulings to ensure our clients are never caught out unexpectedly.

Personal Insurance

When your key people have their personal insurance needs taken care of, they’re freer to focus on the things that matter. We can provide advice to your team about their general insurance needs, helping them to protect their house, contents, cars and boats, as well as any investment properties they may own.

Architectural Designers Insurance

Long Burroughs (formally Auckland Insurance), in collaboration with the Architectural Designers New Zealand (Inc), have developed a Liability Insurance solution for Architectural Designers around the country to better reflect the risks associated with architectural design.


Professional Indemnity | As an Architectural Designer you offer professional advice, so you need Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance to protect you against allegations of professional negligence.  If a customer claims to have suffered financial loss due to your mistake, your PI policy will step in to help determine the best course of action.

General (Public) Liability | As a business owner, you have a legal responsibility to third parties such as your customers, suppliers and the public at large.  Should you, your company, or your employees, injure a third party or damage any property belonging to them, you can be sued. General Liability Insurance will cover compensation that needs to be paid to third parties and also costs involved in investigating, negotiating or defending claims made against you.

Statutory Liability | As a business owner, Statutory Liability Insurance will cover you for unintentional breaches of all but a few select Acts of parliament. It will pay for your legal defense costs and, where legally allowable, any fines imposed upon you. Liability is strict and both fines and legal defence costs are on the increase.

Employers Liability | Commercial enterprises owe a common law duty of care, not only to external ‘third parties’ but also internally to their own employees. If one of your employees is injured at work, they can sue you for anything excluded by ACC.  This includes mental injury without physical injury, nervous shock or fright, diseases brought on by long-term exposure and exemplary damages. Sometimes overlooked, Employers Liability should play an important part in your liability protection.


As one of New Zealand’s leading providers of insurance for architectural designers, we know what you need – request an Architectural Designers Insurance Pack now! 

Long Burroughs is a member of Insurance Advisernet (IANZ), a network of independent insurance advisers across New Zealand and Australia. Providing collective buying power within the industry to not only assist with negotiating excellent insurance outcomes from many of New Zealand’s largest insurance companies, but also facilitating International placement solutions for our clients.


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